Instagram has been one of that platform which has been rapidly gaining theattention of the users around the globe. People are using the Instagram as the main source of the social media platform.


Pictures are the only source through people can interact on the social media. This is the best way of interaction since a lot of users present on social media tend to provide their own point of view. Pictures are something where people can interact without having a wrong side to the discussion. They can either scroll down or present their view on the picture. Mostly comments on the pictures are in the positive way and queries regarding the pictures. People appreciate the pictures posted on the Instagram and mostly start a discussionregarding the picture.

Interaction Direction

This point is one those points why Instagram has been considered as one of the greatest from all of the social media. The interaction between users and the owner of the account is directly post related. There is no other purpose to the post that has been made. Those who are commenting on the pictures or liking the pictures are going to talk about it. Unlike other social media where people start discussing different things on the post that is made by the user. Instagram design make it is easier for the people to comment directly on the post. Those who want to create different discussion topics they can create it by creating their own. This is highly appreciated by the regular users of the Instagram. They appreciate and admire they layout design hence more users are daily moving towards Instagram for the better experience.

Third Party Login

Facebook is one of those social media platforms which is considered to be the pioneers. Facebook is also considered as the father application of the Instagram. Instagram has one of the biggest advantages since it has a third party login of Facebook. People on Facebook don’t have to create their new id and pass over the Instagram. They can create Instagram I’d by just logging in through the Facebook. This helps for those users which are new to the Instagram in finding those users which are old and present on the Instagram. Plus Instagram identifies those users which have recently come from Facebook to Instagram. They gave notification to another user about their Facebook friend being available on the Instagram now. Third party login is a blessing for the user without making a new account they can easily connect.

Post Shares on Multiple platforms

Instagram is a beast when it comes to the post shares. A single Instagram post can be shared on the multiple platforms. Business owners also buy Instagram likes for rapid reach from different sourcesThis benefits for that business owner who wants their word to be on the platforms within no time. This helps in saving time and creating a new post for the users on the social media. This is highly appreciated by the by the business owners present on the Instagram.